Phiona Kusingura

I consider myself a feminist and I am also a Social Worker by profession. I was born 21st.feb.1987 and hold a first-class bachelor’s degree in Social works and Social Administration from Bugema Adventist University in Uganda.

I have worked and volunteered with Health organisations Reach Out Mbuya and Mukono health centre on HIV/AIDS care and counselling. Working in these centres gave me direct contact with single mothers and the problems that they face. In this time, I became very passionate about helping in any way possible and the idea for TUKUNDANE was born.

When I met Fiona Nalwoga, who was also passionate about this work, we decided to expand TUKUNDANE (Lets love each other) into a women’s support organisation specific to providing Care and Support to single mothers living with HIV / AIDS on a short term and long term basis with the goal of eventually helping these women be able to start something that can help them provide for their families in the long run.

Fiona Nalwoga

I was born in Uganda in 1984 but moved to the UK when I was 6 years old. I started going back to Uganda when I was 16 years of age as my mum has always believed in teaching us children the importance of our background and where we come from.

Even though I remembered nothing about Uganda, I can say I fell in love with it straight away, the people, the atmosphere, the traditions and culture. I was moved by the spirit of the people, even with some not having a lot they still live life to the fullest, working with minimum opportunities and resources.

I work and live in the UK full time currently as Head of Compliance with Social Personnel, a recruitment agency that works with Social Workers. I have always wanted to do something to make a difference in Uganda, however big or small. When I met Phiona Kusingura and she told me about ’TUKUNDANE ‘’ (Let’s love each other)” .I instantly knew that this was what I had been waiting for.